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We'd love to see how Good Energy manifests in your life. Please send us your pictures, art, stories, poetry, articles on events and anything else you can think of that creates Good Energy in our world.

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This is just awesome. Love that Tam is wanting to teach the next generation the value and importance of creating Good Energy. Being a father, I want to thank you Tam for your version of Good Energy!

Tam I Am - @GoodEnergyME

It is my goal to literally affect a generation of children through my Molly Kite Molly Kite.com characters and stories.  I want to help children understand the unspoken laws of energy and thought. 

I am tired of and frustrated by current cartoons where the main character is an obnoxious, mouthy child. 

Entertaining as it may be for adults, children pick it up and soon we have filled our beautiful earth with unhappy, unhealthy, uncaring people.


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Below is part of an email Erkki sent to me about how he creates Good Energy. These very easy, daily routines are a great way to creat Good Energy in your life.

Erkki also uses his music spread GE throughout the world. There are millions of ways the create GE. What's yours?


Erkki Muhonen - @GoodEnergyErkki

In my life i have a few things i tell myself every morning that helps me spread good energy such as:

*today im going to give a gift to everyone i meet
*a smile or a hug will make someone happy, so give one:)
*I post some videoes on youtube with my music, which i hope inspires and gives people joy or at least some kind of emotion, cause that too is a gift:)
*i chose to accept people, situations, circumstances and events as they are
*i meditate
*i try to think happy thoughts all the time, and i do it with passion
*i am receiving all gifts i get with gratitude whether it be a new experience or something completely different, like money
*to all my friends i actually send a text message every morning wishing them luck, peace and laughter

otherwise i try to be true to all my promises i make to other people and i hope they appreciate what i do!:)

Anywho, Im off to spread more good energy around!=) this will be wonderful!:)

happy days,

Erkki @GoodEnergyErkki  at twitter

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"Peace worldwide starts from inside"


Napoleon Hill

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