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We'd love to see how Good Energy manifests in your life. Please send us your pictures, art, stories, poetry, articles on events and anything else you can think of that creates Good Energy in our world.

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Tam I Am - @GoodEnergyME

It is my goal to literally affect a generation of children through my Molly Kite Molly Kite.com characters and stories.  I want to help children understand the unspoken laws of energy and thought. 

I am tired of and frustrated by current cartoons where the main character is an obnoxious, mouthy child.

Entertaining as it may be for adults, children pick it up and soon we have filled our beautiful earth with unhappy, unhealthy, uncaring people.



Hi Chuck, Tam I Am here reporting from Maine.

What am I doing to create good energy in my life here in Maine?  I'm focusing on me.  I am changing my inner dialogue to be a more radiant and joyful one.  I no longer acknowledge lack or allow unpleasant thoughts to take over my thinking patterns.  I am loving myself to the max and shining my light wherever I can.  I laugh more and love more because of this good energy practice.

For gentle reminders to myself I have hung sticky notes and inspirational art all over my home.  Everywhere I look are gentle words like "Love",  "Good Energy" and "Joy." 

Onward & upward and two cheers for the Good Energy Movement.  Hurray!  and Yippee!!