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Erkki Muhonen - @GoodEnergyErkki

In my life i have a few things i tell myself every morning that helps me spread good energy such as:

*today im going to give a gift to everyone i meet
*a smile or a hug will make someone happy, so give one:)
*I post some videoes on youtube with my music, which i hope inspires and gives people joy or at least some kind of emotion, cause that too is a gift:)
*i chose to accept people, situations, circumstances and events as they are
*i meditate
*i try to think happy thoughts all the time, and i do it with passion
*i am receiving all gifts i get with gratitude whether it be a new experience or something completely different, like money
*to all my friends i actually send a text message every morning wishing them luck, peace and laughter

otherwise i try to be true to all my promises i make to other people and i hope they appreciate what i do!:)

Anywho, Im off to spread more good energy around!=) this will be wonderful!:)

happy days,

Erkki @GoodEnergyErkki  at twitter


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Thank You for having this project and all the wonderful work you all do!
its very inspiring and even making my days even better than i could possibly imagine it would!
So thank you again!