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"Ways to Create Good Energy in Our World"


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100. Share a SMILE!

99. Introduce yourself to someone new.

98. Send a “thank you” text to your mom, dad, grand mom, etc.

97. Volunteer.

96. Post a positive message on Facebook.

95. Tell someone you admire how much they inspire you.

94. Inspire someone.

93. Recycle.

92. Don’t litter.

91. Attend a “Mastermind” session.

90. Share what you learned at the Mastermind session.

89. Read to a child.

88. Exercise your heart.

87. Exercise your mind.

86. Be patient.

85. Be kind.

84. Assume the best.

83. Walk in someone else’s shoes.

82. Find your voice.

81. Express yourself.

80. Sing.

79. Dance.

78. Praise someone.

77. Forgive someone.

76. Forgive yourself.

75. Forget the hurt.

74. Apologize.

73. Give back.

72. Pay it forward.

71. Be a friend.

70. Lend a hand instead of pointing a finger.

69. Be creative.

68. Accentuate the positive.

67. Dream.

66. Take the first step towards reaching your goals.

65. Keep a promise.

64. Do a good deed.

63. Call an old friend.

62. Make a new friend.

61. Say something encouraging to someone younger than you.

60. Thank someone older than you.

59. Say something encouraging to someone older than you.

58. Thank someone younger than you.

57. Meditate.

56. Plant a seed.

55. Take the high road.

54. Respect others.

53. Respect yourself.

52. Think.

51. Be courteous.

50. Love somebody.

49. Love yourself.

48. Protect the planet.

47. Give to those in need.

46. Laugh out loud.

45. Do something for someone else.

44. Play.

43. Rediscover a hobby you once had.

42. Reflect on your day, and plan on making tomorrow better.

41. Move towards your goals, expecting the best.

40. Remember that it takes two to reconcile.

39. Be happy when others find success.

38. Strive for progress, not perfection.

37. Laugh with a friend.

36. Let your style and confidence shine for the world.

35. Forget how to complain, keep your day positive.

34. Go the extra mile.

33. Write a poem, a letter, a pick-me-up note.

32. Get in there and help; don’t stay on the side lines.

31. Hope.

30. Take a walk, fly a kite—do something that you love.

29. Smell the flowers, listen to a song—engage your senses.

28. Celebrate your victories.

27. Listen to and communicate with someone whom you disagree.

26. Convert “impossible” into “I’m possible”.

25. Recharge.

24. Relax.

23. Enjoy the moment.

22. Count your blessings.

21. Be part of the solution.

20. Live in harmony with the planet.

19. Practice the 10 Commandments.

18. Learn something new.

17. Never give up.

16. Reinvent yourself.

15. Imagine the possibilities.

14. Be happy!

13. Look for the good in others.

12. Try something new.

11. Consider the other view point.

10. Rediscover your child-like wonder.

9. Shine from the inside out.

8. Flaunt your goodness.

7. Engage in random acts of kindness.

6. Live simply so others may simply live.

5. Believe…in yourself….in others….in the future.

4. Slay your fears.

3. Radiate your “YES!” attitude.

2. Take a deep breath and enjoy the day.

1. Potential.Realized!




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