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Ok, On this page you are seeing the results of Good Energy on Twitter. At search.twitter.com you can enter a word or phrase and see who is talking about it. It's a good source of like minded people to follow.

For example, go log on to your twitter account right now in a different browser tab or window.

Start sending tweets out about Good Energy Day and the Good Energy Movement. Include in your tweet the text: #GoodEnergy. In Twitter lingo that called a hashtag.

Once you do that, the results will show up on this page in the window below.

If you don't know how to use Twitter, here's a helpful video.


The #999 Tweetchat Room





"GoodEnergy" on Twitter




"Albany State" on Twitter

Same thing here folks. Let's start tweeting about Good Energy Day at Albany State. You will starting seeing a conversation develop around the university and the Good Enegy Day.

Here again, this is a great place to find folks to follow.




People near Albany Georgia on Twitter

This pretty cool. Using the advanced search features on search.twitter.com you can find people in a general area of the world. Like people within 50 miles of Albany Georgia. These folks might be interested in knowing what going on with Good Energy Day.

It also a good way to find people in your area to have fun with creating Good Energy in your neck of the woods.


Here again, this is a great place to find folks to follow.



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