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What does it mean to have Good Energy?

At Albany State University, we believe in realizing potential.

We do this on a daily basis with our students. On Sept. 9, 2009 (09-09-09), we’ll also realize the potential of all humans to care about each another through Good Energy Day.

So what is “good energy” anyway? Some describe “good energy” as a general joy and generosity toward other people.

Others describe it as a spiritual awareness of the benevolence in all people.

One thing is for certain, all people are connected.

How well we relate to each other and work together determine our “good energy.” The more we’re aware of “good energy,” the more we can promote and encourage it.

At Albany State University, we’re ready to break free from the daily grind and step into a new day.

We want to promote good energy – that force that runs through all of us connecting us to each and to our planet. It’s that love that all people share and express through kindness, generosity and love of our neighbors.

It’s the love we demonstrate through choosing renewable fuel sources, obtaining clean drinking water for all and making sure the earth is a home for generations to come. Good energy is about respect, conservation, innovation, sharing and caring.

Good Energy Day will be the day to celebrate the perseverance and kindness of the human spirit. It will be a time to share smiles and laughs, common interests and dreams at a place where potential is realized daily.

So join with us hand-in-hand as we take a new look at what it means to be human and what it means to have good energy.

Cindy Gambill, MPH
Executive Editor
University Communications
Albany State University


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September 9, 2009

The Good Energy Movement Official Kick-off

Everybody Welcome

Please join these Good Energy Movement (GEM) Leaders from around the world in waging a revolution of peace, love, and harmony across the entire planet.

The day 9/9/9, Septmeber 9, 2009 at 9:09 am has been declared Good Energy Day and will be celebrated as culmantaion of Good Energy with Albany State University in Albany Georgia as it's epicenter.

Good Energy Day will be the official beginning of the Good Energy Movement.

Please declare yourself a leader and creator of Good Energy and join these leaders of a consciousness revolution.


Learn how to:


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Also, Get a the downloadable MP3 version of the "Good Energy Routine" instantly when you sign up to be a Good energy Ambassoador on the form above right now. The Offical Meditation of the Good Energy Movement.


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Join these wonderful people from around your world who have decided to create Good Energy.

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Please join the Good People of Earth (The GPE). This is our day to share good energy.

Good people,

Do you want to be part of something big?

Good People of Earth are starting a movement. This will be big and will generate a huge following.

We are presently working on a site, press release etc.. With other good people.

Good Energy Day 09/09/09

There are days dedicated to celebrate the Earth. Days dedicated to celebrate great dead people.

There are days for trees and flags. Good energy day is the day we celebrate us. All of the living things on this planet.

A day to be kind. A day to forgive. A day to spread peace. Good Energy is just good for us.

Please join the good people of earth and celebrate being good.

It's a fundamental human desire to join. To belong. To pursue some great goal with others.

It is this insight that is found at the heart of all


Leaders Pledge

As a revolutionary leader in the Good Energy Movement I pledge to:


What to do Next

1.Sign Up for email notifications of Good Energy news right here.

What area will you spread Good Energy?
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2. Get a Twitter account. If you are the first in your area to proclaim that you are creator of good energy, go get an account on Twitter under the name of:

GoodEnergyXX (where the XX is the abbrieviation for your state or area of the world.

You may also claim the 01,02,03 versions of the name or whatever version of GoodEnergy_____you can create. Get creative!

3.Tweet up a storm about Good Energy and Good Energy Day using the hashtag #goodenergy

Just include the text #goodenergy in your Twitter posts. It helps people find us.

ReTweet other GoodEnergy leaders Tweets.

4. Join the Facebook group GOOD ENERGY DAY 09/09/09 and post everything you can find about Good Energy.


What the heck is a Twitter?

What the heck is a Facebook?


The Prime Directive

This movement is about ordinary Good People of Earth doing extrodinary things in their own lives.

It's about

It's about you and your inner greateness and simply allowing it to show in your every day life.

So how can you do and ordinary thing like live your life in a great and grand way?

Remember, there is not a thing too small, that it can't be done in a great way.

And for crying out loud turn off the media pipeline into your life and take back your mind.

Reclaim these brain cycles and fill them with Good Energy and allow your self to take action on the inspired thoughts that come to you.